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We hope that your stay here will be enjoyable. In order that your stay may be pleasant, here are a few of the rules to be observed so all campers may enjoy themselves.

  1. All vehicles must stop, register and obtain a pass before entering Bear Lake Campground. You are renting a site on our private property, we ask that you respect our property and other guests in the campground. If you do not you will be asked to leave.

  2. Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am. We ask that you observe them as they will be enforced. All minor children must be at their site by 11pm. Please be considerate of your fellow campers, keep music turned down low and conversations in low tones when quiet hour begins.

  3. Absolutely no fireworks, anyone lighting off fireworks will be asked to leave immediately.

  4. Speed limit is 10 MPH. Please drive carefully and watch out for children.

  5. If someone is visiting you at your site the cost is $2/adult. They must leave by 11:00PM or they will be charged regular site fees. They must stop and register at the Camp Store. Any visitors who enter the campground without registering or paying will be asked to leave.

  6. Pets must be on a leash at all times when walking around the campground and tied up when outside at your site. Please clean up after your dog. There are doggy bags at the park and by the flush bathrooms if you don't have one. NO PETS ALLOWED ON THE BEACH!

  7. Campfires are permitted only in fire rings provided. Please extinguish your campfire when you leave your site or when you decide to retire for the night.

  8. Please dispose of your garbage and recyclables in the dumpsters located at the main entrance of the campground. If you need any garbage or recycling bags, ask at the front desk in the office. Do not leave garbage at your site. We have dumpsters, please use them.

  9. Please refrain from littering. Keep the campground clean.

  10. All RV's and Travel Trailers must dispose of their gray water into the dump station. No draining on or into the ground.

  11. There is firewood for sale at the office. Do not pound nails into the trees, chop on the trees, or harm them in any way.

  12. If you are looking to bring wood into the campground, please be sure it is within a 20 mile radius of the campground.

  13. No Lifeguard is on duty. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Boat, Jet ski and wave runner owners, please keep yourself up to date on all rules and regulations posted at the boat landing.

  14. Selected State Laws applicable to Bear Lake:
    State Law
    ○ Registration required for motorboats
    ○ Wearable life preservers required in boat for each person
    ○ Boat lights (red/green combo and white light) after sunset
    ○ Fishing license required
    ○ 14" minimum size for Bass
    ○ See boating and fishing pamphlets for other laws.
    Local Boating Ordinances
    ○ Motorboats may operate at a speed faster than slow-no-wake only inside of ski-zone buoys
    ○ Boats may not exceed slow-no-wake speed outside of ski-zone which includes shorelines and north end of Bear Lake. Slow-no-wake is the slowest possible speed to maintain steerage
    Other Local Ordinances
    ○ No water skiing or towing persons before 11am or after sunset
    ○ No water skiing or towing persons in a clockwise direction in ski-zone
    ○ See sign at public on Bear Lake for complete local ordinances

  15. Management reserves the right to tell anyone to leave Bear Lake Campground for violation of rules or if problems are caused. There will be no refund. Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, loss or injury from any cause.

  16. We appreciate your reporting of any incidents or problems that should be brought to our attention. In case of emergency contact the Front Office at 920.596.3308 or the Bar at 920.596.3940

  17. If you choose to rent a site for the next year, there are two options. You can book online starting January 2nd at 8:00am or you can book in the camp store before you check-out of the campground. If you choose to book in the camp store before the end of your stay, you must book the exact same site for the exact same weekend and pay in full. If you want to switch sites, then you must book using the online option on January 2nd. Reservations must be made in the camp store, there will be no reservations taken over the phone.


Rules & Policies

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